Benefits Of Water Aerobics

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Benefits of Water Aerobics

Water aerobics involves exercising in water, specifically a swimming pool. An aerobics program slowly increases from simple steps to intense workouts. Frequent use of water aerobics offers various benefits to the body.

1. Cardiovascular benefits

A key advantage of water aerobics over other types of exercises is that it assists to improve the cardiovascular system. People who engage water aerobics usually have high HDL cholesterol levels as well as healthy blood flow. In contrast with other land based exercises like running or cycling, when exercising in water the heart beat rate usually remains steady. This also helps in maintaining proper heart health.

2. Comfortable workout

In water aerobics, you get a full body workout and you also get to enjoy the coolness and freshness of water. In fact, this is the best way to exercise your body during a very hot day. Water is not going to allow your body temperature to change and it maintains a healthy temperature during the workout. Water aerobics offer more comfort as compared to other kinds of workout, particularly for pregnant women, kids and senior people.

3. Weight loss

Water aerobics are the best option for people who are looking to shed a couple of pounds. Land based exercises only burn 135 calories in thirty minutes, while exercising in water burns an average of 264 calories. The amount of calories burnt is a key factor that determines effective weight loss.

4. Alleviates arthritis

People with medical problems like osteoporosis and arthritis can benefit greatly from water aerobics. Floating in water offers relief from joint pain and also back pain. It also provides an effective relaxation method. Furthermore, there are very few cases of accidental wounds in water aerobics.

A major shortcoming of using water aerobics is the lack of adequate space for carrying out your exercises, especially if the pool is full of people.

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