Benefits of Walking Barefoot

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Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Walking barefoot is essentially the act of walking without using shoes. This action is believed to be quite beneficial as it sets the feet free. It offers the chance of enjoying and feeling the numerous textures offered by the earth.

1. Prevents feet problems

Generally all shoes that are worn have little relationship to how the human feet are shaped. In fact, most feet problems would be less bothersome or even nonexistent if people wore better shaped shoes or stayed barefoot during childhood. For instance, there are no records of foot problems in Biblical periods as compared to the present feet issues. Furthermore, mothers who allowed their children to walk barefoot discovered that the children had lesser deformed toes, denser feet muscles and greater agility.

2. Exercises leg muscles

Shoes usually protect feet from fully meeting their potential. That is why most athletes now train without wearing shoes. Kenyan marathon runners are known for engaging in this practice. In America, you are likely to see barefoot runners running on the local beaches. There are some who may venture into other regions such as hiking trails and grassy fields. Running or walking barefoot fully exercises the leg muscles and reduces the chances of chronic injuries and ankle sprains.

3. Relaxes the body

Simply walking barefoot puts a person in a distinct kind of mindset that is normally reserved for relaxing and special moments. Whenever you go barefoot, you are normally in a cool and relaxing environment like the beach or at home. In addition, most exercises that are aimed at relaxing the body like martial arts and yoga are also practiced barefoot. There are even people who take off their shoes at work in an attempt to reduce stress.

Walking barefoot does have its demerits. For example, you can easily get injured by sharp objects like glasses and syringes.

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