Benefits Of Tahajjud Namaz

Benefits of Tahajjud Namaz

Tahajjud Namaz, also known as night prayer, refers to a prayer that is performed at night by Islam followers. Waking up at night to pray is quite useful in Islam. Allah is normally quite grateful of such actions. Tahajjud Namaz brings many blessings and benefits as discussed in the following article.

1. Forgiveness benefits
Allah sends a vital message during the night that says if any appeal is made to Him, He will answer it. If an individual is looking for His forgiveness, then the person shall be readily forgiven. In fact, His Mercy doors are normally opened at the time of reciting Tahajjud Namaz and this is thereby the time when prayers are answered.

2. Removes anxiety
A great method of erasing all worldly concerns from your body and calming yourself is through waking up during the night and reciting Tahajjud Namaz. For those with stress and even depression, this prayer might be highly beneficial. It places a person in a state where negative thoughts and feelings are expelled from the body.

3. Voluntary prayer
A key advantage of Tahajjud Namaz is that it is voluntarily performed, rather than obligatory. Even though it is voluntary, all Islam followers are encouraged to perform it regularly. It is essentially a two cycle set of prayer and you can perform the two prayer cycles up to 12 times.

4. Favored time
The Almighty favored the time of performing Tahajjud Namaz over other periods during the day. This means worshipers are supposed to keenly anticipate this particular praying time and also pray sincerely and earnestly. Furthermore, huge incentives are normally given by Allah to all those who wake up and remember Him privately.
Aside from the need of waking up during the night to recite Tahajjud Namaz, this prayer does not have any drawbacks and thus it should be regularly performed.

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  1. Aswak ! I myself is not even a ash on this world of islamic followers ! But when i gothrough it i energize & boost myself to the ascended level ! So i indeed request you to update more and more islamic articles on the various sites !

  2. assalam walekum i regularly pray tahajjud namaz daily in night , my question is that i pray only 4 rakat of 2 ,2 . . but many people say that we hav to pray 12 rakat . . is it not okay that i pray only 4rakats

  3. Please, please and please make dua’s for me. I’m very desperate for duas, my health is in very questionable state and I’m fearful. Make duas for me and desperately in need. Thanks and may Allah reward you.

  4. It’s alright to pray even 2 rakat’s in tahajjud. But then just don’t stick to 2, increase if you can. What I have heard is of 6 rakat’s. So, normally every person will have different opinion. But however, it is better to pray 2 rakat’s instead on not praying.


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