Benefits Of Spray Tanning

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Benefits of Spray Tanning

Spray tanning, commonly known as UV-free tanning or sunless tanning, is a healthy alternative to tanning you skin without excess exposure to UV rays. Sunless tans are sprayed on the body and reacts with your skin. It usually lasts for a week and has no alarming side effects. Read on and find out why most folks prefer spray tanning to UVB exposure.

1. Easy to use and safe
Spray tanning has become a popular trend nowadays for those who want a perfect tan but fear excess UVB or sun exposure, and yet distaste the stains and streaks caused by tanning creams and lotions that have flourished the market. Unlike tanning creams, spray tanning provides great results with minimal side effects.

2. Easily accessible
The best thing about spray tanning is that it is widely accessible – can be done anywhere regardless of weather conditions. In addition to that, you can get a quick tan for special occasions, like a vacation or a wedding.

3. Non-allergic
While some people get a rash or an allergy, it is often minimal when compared to using tanning creams and lotions. So to prevent adverse reactions, you can use a small amount and see whether there is a reaction. Nonetheless, those with skin disease should steer away from tanning to prevent adverse side effects.

4. Little physical contact
Spray tanning requires very little physical and sprays evenly on the skin rather than blotching or streaking as many creams and lotions often do. For a faultless tan, you should exfoliate the skin beforehand to eliminate dead skin cells. That way, your tan can appear move even and can last longer.
Although spray tanning offers a safe alternative to using tanning lotions and creams, there are a few precautions you need to observe before tanning. For starters, the room has to be well ventilated to provide a safe environment for asthmatics.

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