Benefits Of Simple Random Sampling

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Benefits of Simple Random Sampling

A simple random sample provides each member of a population an equal chance to be chosen. This entire process of sampling is carried out with a single step of all subjects being selected independently from the other members of the population. To achieve a simple random sample you would need to number all elements in the sampling frame and choose random numbers wherefrom you can select the required samples. The following are benefits of simple random sampling;-

1. It is simple
Simplicity defines simple random sampling because you can be able to assemble your samples with ease. Also considered as a fair way of choosing samples in any given population, the researcher is able to select any sample easily because all members are given equal opportunities to be selected.

2. It is unbiased.
While carrying out any studies, drawing conclusions from unbiased random selections as well as a representative sample is quite important. Keep in mind that the aim of carrying out a research is to be able to come up with a conclusion pertaining the population from the outcome obtained from your samples. Because of the representativeness of simple random sampling, it is sensible to generalize the results of the samples back to the entire population.

3. Cheap
Because all the members of a population are equal, the results you acquire from one sample are good enough to be noted down in that population. You will not be required to carry out various researches to make certain your results. If the sample turns out not being a representative of the larger population, it will be referred to as a sampling error.

Nevertheless, simple random sampling also has limitations. This method requires that the population be up to date and complete and such details might be quite hard to get for large populations.

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