Benefits of robotics


In U.S. the first industrial robot was introduced in the 1960s. Ever since then the robotic technology has improved considerably which has created several advantages for robots. This immense advancement in the field of robotics has also helped in the use of robots in widespread applications across various industries, starting from manufacturing to health care.

Among many benefits of using robots, possibly the most noticeable advantages of empowering robotics is found in productivity, safety and also because it helps in saving considerable money and time.

Here are some more advantages and benefits of using robotics which are listed below.

Helps to operate in unsafe surroundings

There are several industries across the globe where the surroundings are unsafe for employment of human labor owing to the existence of harmful and hazardous environments. It has been widely acclaimed that use of robotics can be used effectively in such environments, where direct exposure to human beings can prove to be dangerous for our health. For an example, robotic applications are in high demand where handling of radioactive materials is involved such as in nuclear establishments and hospitals those that uses nuclear technologies.

Generates improvement in quality

It is a known fact that use of robotic applications helps in performing operations which ensures uniformity of production with superior exactitude. Hence using robotics warrants minimization of rejects and thus reduces losses in the production lines.

It is because of this reason using robotics increases the quality of production by manifolds compared to the performance by human beings.

Helps in increasing production

Unlike human labor for whom breaks and vacations are essential, robots have the ability to work continuously without any pause. Thus when robotic applications are used in industrial productions the profits of the production units gets increased by manifolds, which is another great benefit of using robotics.

Helps in executing repetitive and boring works

It has been found that in many production establishments the tasks to be executed are awfully boring at times, owing to which it often becomes difficult for the employees to remain fully dedicated or generate interest in their work. It has been noticed that cyclic and repetitive tasks which are monotonous often tends to make the workers careless, which in turn increases the probability of accidents. Using robotic applications in such works eliminates the problems associated with boredom in such production activities.

Helps in solving duty during adverse hours

Robotics can be beneficially utilized in the place of human labor in production units that requires to function for twenty-four hours and even on holidays to increases production and profitability. As human labor often does not feel comfortable working such odd hours, commensurate with the capacity of the machines, robots are an ideal working partner for such fretful circumstances.

Apart from the above stated benefits as use of robots can be extremely effective in performing unsafe and humanly dangerous tasks, it has helped several organizations worldwide to reduce their expenditures on health and medicine of the employees, as more dangerous applications are nowadays handled exclusively by robots.

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