Benefits Of RFID

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Benefits of RFID

Radio frequency identification, commonly known as RFID was used during the World War as a radio transponder. The device typically responds to a radio frequency and is used in a number of applications from decades back, but miniaturization allows them to be attached to anything. In fact, RFID tags are now used in various fields, but many people express concern in terms of privacy.

1. Assists in financial transactions
RFID tags primarily make identification easier as well as financial transactions. RFID chips placed inside of identity documents such as passports can provide data with a fast scan, without the need of a tiresome visual inspection. Consumers can easily wave their RFID enabled cards over sensors when shopping at the mall. Since some municipalities use these tags as roads permits, authorized users can bypass without having to stop for identification.

2. Tracks products in the supply chain
Manufacturers use RFID tags to track products along the supply chain. Additionally, RFID radio responders allow the scanning of items in the factory, without the need of opening all the boxes one by one. RFID scanners located at the supermarket, for instance tally all the contents in the entire shopping carrier with a mere click.

3. Reduces labor costs
RFID tags are convenient as they eliminate the labor-intensive method of tracking cases, pallets and cartons with sensors designed to track all items in the warehouse with accuracy. This can help reduce the costs of shelf inventory and stock management.

4. Reduces inventory
This is a surefire of eliminating write downs, losses and missing inventory. RFID tags primarily eliminate inventory errors to ensure the inventory indicated on the records is accurate. Also, it improves the forecasting abilities to keep track of the products along the supply chain.

Privacy is the main issue of concern when dealing with RFID tags.

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