Benefits Of Green Card

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Benefits of Green Card

The green card is a document given to non-residents in America signifying permanent residence. The application process for this particular document is unobtrusive and easy, but the advantages are vast. Actually, winning a green card ensures that your whole family can come work and live in America. More green card benefits are listed below.

1. Employment benefits
The green card confers the capability of legally searching for and performing work while living in America. Most forms of visas like student or tourist visas have key restrictions on working and holders of green cards are no longer under such restrictions. They may start working for an employer with no limits on the amount of hours they can work.

2. Permanent residence
A key green card benefit is that you can settle and live in America permanently. Other visas like business, work, student and tourist visas do not provide this right. Instead, they provide a provisional immigration status that might or might not be later commuted to full resident status. Green card holders are thus regarded as permanent residents and provided the right to settle in America.

3. Immigration benefits
Being a legal permanent American resident by holding the green card provides the capability of petitioning to bring your family to America for settlement. Even though holders of some kinds of visas might also have the privilege of bring over their family members, only green card owners are eligible for applying for legal full resident status.

4. Social benefits
Green cards also entitle the holders to the social benefits provided to other American citizens. These benefits range from state backing in research, education, health and retirement packages. Furthermore, holders can legally own cars, property and firearms as well.

The demerit related with the green card is the presence of scams that normally request money to enhance an applicant’s winning chances or send bogus winning letters.

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