Benefits of Quad Core

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intel_processorBenefits of Quad Core

Quad core is not a familiar term to many, but it is one of those things that are soon establishing its eminence in the field of computer processing. To understand the benefits of quad core, we first need to understand what quad core means. Any processor consists of three components – the core, the die, and the package. The core is what takes care of the processing and it is fitted within the die. The die is nothing but the silver tab that we see on processors. These two components are fixed inside the package, which is the green material with the heatspreader on the top and the pins lacing it on the bottom. The number of cores in a processor can be independent of the dies within a package. The quad core has evolved from a dual core chip. In a quad core chip, either two dual-core dies are combined within a two-die, four-core package, or it merges four cores within a one-die chip. The benefits of a quad core processor would depend on the manner in which the quad core has been built.

1.Benefits of a two dual-core processor:

The benefits of a processor where two dual-core dies are placed within a two-die, four-core package are:

It has brought about a new wave of processors, which are believed to be the future in processing. It is believed to be the answer for all processor-intensive activities that have so far been slow or impractical due to processing delays and overloads.
This method of creating quad core processors will enable manufacturers to produce these chips more cost-effectively.

2.Benefits of four cores on a single die processor:

The alternate method of creating a quad core processor is to place four cores in a single die. This method is considered to have more benefits than the previous one.

These processors are considered to be more of a quad core because four individual cores are used. The advantage of using single cores is the lesser heat it will generate. Therefore, these chips will run much cooler than compared to the former quad core processors, meaning it will require less expensive cooling systems. This will transfer to cost savings for the consumers as these chips can be priced cheaper.
The other great advantage is communication speed. Since all four cores are in the same die, they can communicate faster than two dual-cores communicating with each other via the motherboard.

3.Common benefits:

In addition to the specific benefits that each type of quad core processor provides, there are some common benefits that consumers gain through the installation of quad core. Let’s take a look at these benefits.

Quad core brings benefits for all those computing activities that require high levels of processing horsepower such as rendering 3D graphics, compression of DVD’s or CD’s into movie files or MP3’s, etc.
Gaming activities of the future. Games are using higher levels of graphics and 3D rendering and running such games requires more processing power. However, there are technical stumbles like linking different cores for different activities that are yet to be technically solved. Probably the existence of such processors will prompt developers to come out with games that will utilize the quad core processors in the best and efficient manner possible to develop an out-of-the-world gaming experience.
Quad core is the best solution for processor-intensive multi-tasking. When processor-intensive multiple tasks are performed, a quad core processor would best execute these tasks without interfering with the effectiveness of either task. For example, with a quad core processor you can run an anti-virus scan in the background while watching a movie, without affecting the speed of the scan or the smoothness of your movie experience.

Quad core processors are considered to be the processors of the future. They are considered as an intermittent solution for the perfect processor that is yet to come. Whatever the tech gurus say, it is ultimately the consumer who needs to decide what works best for them.

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