Benefits Of OS X

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Benefits of OS X

The Mac OS X is the latest and innovative operating system for Mac computers that is very simple and easy to use. This program was formulated and introduced to the PC market under the Apple brand. This new edition to Mac computers comes with several benefits to its users. Some benefits of OS X are discussed below.

1. Web browser
Most users believe that the web browser of the Mac OS X is its best feature. This web browser, called Safari, is regarded as the most effective browser in contrast with other browsers accessible in the networking industry. It boasts of increased speeds, which is an important sign of good browsers. Users of the Mac OS X will consequently benefit from better surfing speeds provided they have good internet connections.

2. Enables parallel installation
Users of Mac OS X can delight in the option of simultaneously running both the OS X along with another operating system like Windows. Once the two different programs have been properly installed, you can effortlessly switch between the two systems based on your own preferences. This is a very helpful feature for people who want to make use of both the Mac OS X and Windows without having to buy different computers.

3. Better file storage
The Mac OS X has a very innovative program for file storage known as Time Machine. The notion behind this file storage software is that many users accidentally delete or modify important files that they need. The old method used to make file backups normally involved copying everything on the computer to an external disk. However, with Time Machine, copies of your computer’s settings and files are going to be saved at specific intervals. This protects against data loss.
There are no huge shortcomings of the Mac OS X other than the fact it does not have a great range of software options like Windows.

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