Benefits of NCLB

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Benefits of NCLB

NCLB signifies No Child Left Behind and it is an act that was passed in order to enhance public education in America. It involves using federal money efficiently to raise the education quality and holding schools accountable for measured progress of students. The NCLB offers various benefits to students and the community in general.

1. Liability for results

The NCLB ensures that all schools are functioning at proper levels and that is determined in every state. The states usually set certain standards stating what each student ought to know in various subjects. If the schools have not made any adequate progress towards the set standards, then corrective steps are taken. For instance, NCLB offers parents the option of sending children to different schools as well as fund reduction.

2. Proper use of resources

NCLB allows the focusing of resources on established educational methods only. As a result, federal investments are quite high in the scientifically proven methods of education. This means that teachers are now going to be highly tested to make certain that they are qualified in their respective subjects. Better teachers result in better instructions and eventually better student performance.

3. Provides quality education

One of the main aims of the NLCB is to successfully bring together under-achieving ethnic minority groups and provide them quality education. It seeks for provide each child in America an opportunity to get high quality education. The NCLB has also led to a healthy discussion of ways of improving America’s education system. Such a debate could possibly lead to changes that will truly provide quality education. Parents are also provided more information regarding their child’s progress.

Although the NCLB has many advantages, it also has some demerits. For instance, it creates a situation where under-achieving institutions are now manipulating test results so as to retain their funding.

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