Benefits Of Mint

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mintBenefits Of Mint
Mint which is scientifically known to be Mentha, is a well known breath and mouth freshener. There are hundreds of varieties of mint available for use. The herb has remarkable medicinal and therapeutic properties. Various kinds of products like chewing gums, tooth pastes, breathe and mouth fresheners, inhalers and candies are available in the market. These contain mint and are advertized as being a product containing mint. Most of us are aware only about the refreshing properties of mint, but it has much to offer. The many benefits offered by mint are:

1.Mint improves and cures digestive disorders.
Mint has a typical aroma which makes it useful as a good appetizer. It promotes digestion, and is thus used to cure many digestive disorders. It helps in soothing the stomach and getting relieved form indigestion, inflammation of stomach and digestive tract. The aroma present in mint leaves stimulates the salivary glands present in the mouth and digestive glands in the stomach and other parts of digestive system to release their secretions. These secretions or digestive enzymes facilitate digestion and improve the disorder in the sufferer.

2.Helps in improving respiratory disorders.
Respiratory problems like asthma and cold lead to congestion in the throat, nose, bronchi and lungs. The strong odor of mint is effective in opening up the blocked nose and throat and provides respite in respiratory disorders. The cooling effect of mint soothes the throat, nose and other parts of the respiratory system. It also provides relief in cough. Many balms are made using the aroma of mint. Inhalers and balms based on mint are more effective than those based on aerosols.

3.Helps in enhancing the body immunity.
Mint helps in keeping the body safe and protected from many infections and inflammations. Mint helps in reducing the growth of bacteria and fungus in various parts of the body. In a few instances, mint completely stops the growth of bacteria and fungus, thus protecting the body from various kinds of infections.

4.Helps to get away from nausea and headaches.
The strong aroma of mint acts as freshener and is a quick cure for nausea. In case of nausea just smell the mint oil or freshly crushed mint leaves. Any product with a mint flavor can also be used in emergency situations. A little massage of mint oil or mint based balms, on forehead provides quick relief from headache and is a refreshing experience.

5.Beneficial for skin care and infections.
Mint juice is an excellent cleanser for the skin. It soothes and relieves the skin, cures pimples, itching and infections of the skin. The anti pruritic properties make it useful for treating insect bites like mosquitoes and honey-bees.

6.Takes care of the mouth.
The most commonly known property of mint is germicidal and freshening properties. Mint inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria inside the mouth and helps in cleaning the tongue and the teeth.

Mint has a lot of benefits for the body so make to incorporate mint in your diets so that you avoid any chance of suffering form digestive disorders.

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