Benefits of menstruation

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Benefits of menstruation

Menstrual periods may not be the most anticipated period for some women due to the associated discomfort and mood changes that may possibly come with it. ‘ But when all women know that there are actually benefits to having a regular menstrual period, then many of them would not dread so much about it. ‘ Here are some benefits of menstruation:

1. Hormonal check

As for medical experts, regular menstruation could give some kind of body status in terms of the hormones involved in sexual reproduction. ‘ With the hormonal level balanced, the body is said to be at the level where it should be. ‘ Balanced hormonal levels also result to maintenance of bone health and promote good thyroid and adrenal function. ‘ When there is any imbalance, it could suggest some abnormalities in other body functions.

2. Fertility calendar

Menstruation also provides a fertility calendar for women who plan or want to avoid having babies. ‘ With a regular menstrual cycle, the timing of specific hormones can be checked and this can be incorporated with fertility work-ups and plans. ‘ Although each woman may have a different monthly cycle, with regular menstrual periods, the so-called rise and fall of several hormones can be monitored to help one to know when is the best time to get pregnant or not.

3. Activity calendar

With regular menstrual periods, a woman’s activities may also be planned ahead. ‘ Instead of focusing on the stomach cramping and hot flashes for example, many women can take the positive side of things and that is to schedule their activities based on their periods. ‘ Women will have less stress if menstrual cycles are regular just for the fact that they will be able to organize their activities.

Menstruation should be embraced by all women because it gives the body the opportunity to rid out waste and promote hormonal balance. ‘ There may be some negative points associated with a menstrual period, but each woman should also be able to appreciate the fact that her monthly periods are necessary for various health reasons.

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