Benefits of Learning French

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French_bookBenefits of Learning French

PassÃ’©, clairvoyant, R.S.V.P (rÃ’©pondez s’il vous plait) – these are some of the French words that we commonly use in English. French is not a completely unknown language. In fact, the French language is as popular as is its wine, architecture, people, cities, and culture. French is quite popular as a second language at high school and college. More and more people are beginning to learn French as a foreign language. So, why this popularity and why are more people interested in learning this language? To understand that let’s look at the benefits of learning French.

1.Understanding the French culture:

One of the most important benefits of learning French is that it helps in understanding their culture. A language reflects a people’s culture, history, development, and growth in various fields such as art, science, history, religion, etc. In other words, to understand the various aspects of a people’s social, cultural, and religious life, you first need to learn and understand their language. Learning French will help you learn, understand, and appreciate the French culture and history.

2.Promotes business and trade:

Trade and business between nations flourish when the people of the two nations understand and appreciate each other’s culture and values. To understand another’s culture and values, you first need to understand their language. Further, learning the language also enables clarity, smoothness, and ease of communication. And smooth communication is quintessential for the success of any business.


Communicating in the native tongue is always an advantage. And French is spoken not only in France but also used in many countries which were once popular French colonies. Therefore, it will be to your advantage to learn French, whether you are on a business visit, a holiday tour, or plan to learn or work in any of these countries. Canada is a country where French is commonly used. In fact, knowing French gives you a great advantage when you travel to Canada for business or holiday. It is also a great advantage if you are planning to migrate to this country.

4.Career option:

Learning French can also open up various career options for you. With the increased popularity of this language and more and more people willing to learn it, there is no dearth of job opportunities for French teachers and translators. There are several schools and colleges that teach French as a foreign language. There are also private tutorials or language schools that teach French. There are several people who use services of translators for their business. Therefore, those who know French and have an aptitude and interest for teaching the language can also take it up as a career. French is also the official language, along with English, of various organizations like the International Red Cross, NATO, the United Nations, the International Olympic Committee, etc. Therefore, learning French would be a definite advantage for those who aspire for a career in these organizations.

5.Benefits students:

Learning a foreign language is always considered a great advantage for students. Students who learn a foreign language are believed to have higher test scores in language arts, reading, math, and verbal tests. Such children have higher vocabulary and it is also believed to increase their ability of problem-solving, self-discipline, and memory. French is one of the popular foreign languages due to its similarity to English and also because it is considered one of the easier languages to learn.

Learning and knowing an additional language is always an advantage. French is a widely used and popular language. And learning this language is a definite advantage be it simply knowing the language, learning it for knowledge or career advancement, or learning it to migrate to a French speaking nation.

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