Benefits of Laptops

laptopBenefits of laptops
Portability of personal computers was an issue ever since the huge machines were reduced to table tops. The first laptop computer, in a similar design as we know it today, was the Grid Compass computer, GRiD, which was available in the early eighties. While the foldable design was already implemented, which is the monitor part was capable of being folded to the rest of the computer, creating a more compact and portable unit; the proprietary operating system and the non-existence of any applications in combination with the exorbitant price made it only feasible for government use.

Shortly thereafter the touchpad was developed and when processors were created with lowered power usage just for portable computer designs, the laptop popularity was not very far. Tumbling prices allowed regular people to purchase a portable computer instead of a stationary one; just recently people started having a home computer in addition to the one for the road. In more recent times, several classifications of portable computers and laptops exist, from the powerhouse laptop with features that rival stationary models, over subnotebooks and netbooks to Tablet PC solutions.

1. Laptop is portable
While it was convenient and practical to take the early portable computer to work or home, allowing for continuous workflow and some other advantages, the laptops nowadays provide dozens of other convenient and practical features. Wi-Fi allows internet access almost anywhere, Bluetooth provides all-round connectivity, card slots allow direct import of digital media, you can go to Starbucks and write your essay, or even at the beach. There are seemingly no limits to the comforts of portability.

2. Laptop is more versatile
As already mentioned, laptops nowadays have almost any conceivable connection and slot built in. USB, Firewire, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, wireless, SD slots, mini-SD slots and what else not, everything is already in there. Many newer laptops have a camera and microphone already built in, for Skype and video conferencing purposes.

3. Laptop does not need a wall socket
With batteries of the latest technology a Netbook can run for half a dozen hours without the need to recharge. With all the integrated connections, you can surf the net and write your paper and not go home until you are done. You can even lie down in a park and still do your work with ease

With all the laptop portability and increased capacities, people are running everywhere with their mini computers. Social networks and online capabilities everywhere slowly but surely destroy the social life as we know it. It is questionable if we are going to be talking to each other at all, or simply either instant messaging, posting or emailing to each other instead. The stationary model had a positive side, once you leave the house, you can be human again.

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