Benefits of Democracy

democracyBenefits of democracy
Democracy is actually derived from the Greek language and means as much as power to the people. Democracy is actually a political government form where either people govern themselves in a structure of direct democracy, or there are elected representatives of the people who form the government in a representative democracy. Just like many other political ideas, democracy looks very good on paper.

The original idea was that all people should be equal, at least equally judged by the law, and that all people should have the same chance of becoming an elected official. Unfortunately whoever invented democracy did not calculate how capitalism can bend the idea into the democracy monster we are dealing with today. Since that democracy is the best government form the mankind currently has, it seems that at least for a while the humanity will be sticking with it, albeit the form of democracy deployed may vary significantly, depending on the surroundings and the capability of the population to bend to the amendments applied.

1. In a democracy all citizens are equal before the law
The idea that every single person should be treated equally before the law is a very noble one. There should be no racial profiling, no money making some citizen more equal than the others, or money purchasing the best legal advice there is, whereby people without money play Russian roulette with legal aid lawyers. It would be really nice if political connections and nepotism would not count and all people have the same chance to be judged fairly.

2. In a democracy all citizens have equal right to the power
With all due respect, Ralph Nader and Al Gore would very probably disagree, just to name a few, but nobody said that United States of America is a perfect democracy. In theory, any and all citizen can become candidates for any elective office function. The previously mentioned financial bending rule applies here most significantly and the more equal citizen can enjoy the oval office, while the less equal citizen can enjoy the guided tour.

3. Democracy is freedom
Already Aristotle defined democracy as freedom, where rule by the many should allow the citizen to live as they please. While there should be some sort of government ruling over citizen and some sort of constitution defining the liberties, the freedom should be the paramount goal of a peaceful togetherness. While this wonderful theory has nothing to do with the harsh reality, a true democracy would employ citizens’ preferences into a binding law. Since that people are individuals and opinions are abundant, furthermore tastes are as variable as the color patterns or the stars in the sky, it should have been vivid that the theory would remain just words on paper.

Democracy, as it was conceived, is not possible. As long as people crave to have more than the next person, as long as there is a monetary system, as long as there are desires, lust, hunger, greed, power, wealth, luxury – the list could go on almost forever – there cannot be a true democracy. The mutated idea, marred by all the aforementioned, is what the humanity has got to live with. Since that there is nothing better available, we have to cringe and hope for a better future.

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  1. list out at least few right/ freedom in a fairly democratic state in your articles (precisely in the point three of the article)


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