Benefits Of Kombu

Benefits of Kombu

As scientific studies pushes on, medicine and science are finding that Kombu has amazing health benefits. Among the popular sea vegetables are rame, nori, dulse, wakame, and hijiki. Some cultures have been consuming seaweed for almost 2000 years since they provide essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to the body. There are several benefits associated with sea vegetables and Kombu. Here are just a few.

1. Youthfulness and longevity

Though this is not yet scientifically proven, researchers have found a direct link between regular Kombu consumption and a long period of vitality and youthfulness. This is because seaweed and vegetables have been shown to help maintain youthful expression. In addition, seaweed improves strength of hair as well.

2. Detoxifying agent

Sea vegetables and Kombu are proven to have an amazing detoxifying effect. This is mainly for two reasons. First of all, Kombu can easily bind to heavy metals and as a result, they are expelled naturally. Secondly, chlorophyll in algae is not only simple but powerful as well; therefore consuming seaweed on a regular basis provides an individual with a powerful dose!

3. Essential trace minerals

These are minerals and vitamins that are hard to obtain in regular nutrition. Seaweed or Kombu is a great source of many trace minerals that are generally found in supplements. However, the body has been known to utilize minerals in diets better than those found in pills.

4. Aids digestive system

Kombu is known to help the process of digestion. It improves blood circulation, and prevents constipation and bowel decay. In addition, it balances alkaline and acids in the body and prevent cancer by regulating blood ph levels.

Although Kombu has many health benefits, it does not provide adequate supply of vitamin B12 which is vital for a strong nervous system, and vitamin D required for absorption of calcium in the body.

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