Benefits Of Jiu Jitsu

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Benefits of Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian jiu jitsu involves using the strength, force and aggression of your opponent to defeat him or her. You make use of your own body position and leverage to defend yourself. Since most fights end up on the floor, jiu jitsu teaches various grappling positions assisting a person apply strikes to their adversary.

1. Any person can practice

The main benefit of jiu jitsu is the fact that any individual can practice regardless of the size and age. In fact, this is a very efficient self-defense sport of taking down a stronger and larger opponent. You also do not require being in great physical shape in order to perform the strikes. Even though prior experience in martial arts is beneficial in jiu jitsu, it is not necessarily a requirement.

2. Enables self-protection

The major aim of jiu jitsu is self-preservation and it is a good technique of protecting yourself from personal attacks. Many women actually enroll in Brazilian jiu jitsu for the advantages of protection, particularly when they have to work alone or late at night. The techniques learnt in jiu jitsu provide them a great sense of security.

3. Weight loss

Jiu jitsu requires the participants to use their bodies in numerous positions while utilizing different muscles. The body uses both the strength and endurance muscles and this means that you are going to burn more calories in one session. This is a good method of weight loss since jiu jitsu forces the participants to use their whole bodies as a core unit rather than using only one set of body muscles.

4. Enhances flexibility

The techniques employed in jiu jitsu can assist increase your flexibility and overall body strength.

The only weakness of jiu jitsu is that it usually deals with confronting one attacker. This can be very confusing where a person is attacked by two or more people simultaneously.

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