Benefits Of Irish Citizenship

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Benefits of Irish Citizenship

Irish citizenship or becoming a citizen of Ireland is a very valuable thing as it provides a great range of social and economic benefits. There are various methods of claiming Irish citizenship including citizenship by naturalization, descent, birth in Ireland and also through postnuptial citizenship. Irish citizenship offers the following advantages.

1. Voting rights

The main benefit of Irish citizenship is that it offers an individual the vital right of voting. This means that you can also take part in elections and referendums through casting your vote. Furthermore, you can also run for office for both national level and also European parliament.

2. Ability to work anywhere

Irish citizens are capable of working anyplace within the EU devoid of even having work permits. This is quite beneficial since you can now move easily to other EU countries and continue working without stopping to register for work permits. Since you are going to be capable of working freely in other EU nations, this usually leads to an increase in income.

3. Allows dual citizenship

Different from certain European nations, taking on Irish citizenship does not require a person to renounce another citizenship. In fact, the Foreign Affairs department in Ireland has no opposition to any person wishing to hold dual citizenship. Nevertheless, it usually advises people to make their positions with their home nations clear first before proceeding to acquire Irish citizenship.

4. Benefits children

Your children can also benefit from your Irish citizenship since crimes against kids are rare in Ireland. Even though there are some cases of bullying in schools, there is very little risk of children coming to schools with guns. Children are also going to be introduced to new sports like soccer and basketball.

However, obtaining Irish citizenships could take a lot of time and in certain cases years, particularly if you fail to produce proper documentation.

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