Benefits Of Iodine

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iodine_bookBenefits Of Iodine
Iodine is one of the most essential trace elements that is required for the normal development of an individual. Approximately 60% of the total iodine content of the body is found in the thyroid gland. The thyroid is an important endocrine gland and the hormones secreted from the thyroid are responsible for controlling the body metabolism. Iodine plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and thus affects the rate of body metabolism. The health benefits of iodine include:

1.Controls the basal metabolic rates.
Thyroid gland secretes hormones like thyroxin and triodothyronine which are responsible for maintaining the basal metabolic rate of the body. Iodine promotes the secretion of these hormones and is thus directly involved in regulating the basic metabolic rate of the body.

2.Helps in providing optimum energy for various activities.
Iodine plays a vital role in providing energy for various physical activities. Sufficient quantity of iodine in the body helps in best possible utilization of calories, which otherwise would deposit in the form of excessive fats making the person obese.

3.Benefits to females.
Iodine is especially useful for the females. It helps in the growth, development and maturation of female reproductive organs. It is also an essential element for pregnant women. It checks and reduces the chances of neurocognitive conditions such as cretinism in new born children. Small children require sufficient quantities of iodine for their proper growth movement, speech and hearing abilities.

4.Takes care of hair, nails and teeth:
Iodine is an essential element that supports the maintenance of healthy hair, skin and teeth. Sufficient intake of this mineral prevents hair loss and supports the growth of hair.

5.Iodine helps treat cancer.
Iodine helps to prevent fatal diseases like cancer. Using iodine on patients suffering from this lethal disease results in shrinkage of cancer cells and is used for its treatment.

6.Removes toxic substances from the body.
The biochemical reactions taking place in the body result in the formation of several by products that are harmful for the system. Many such substances also enter the body through various other means. Iodine helps to flush out these toxins such as lead, mercury fluorides, etc. it thus helps to enhance the immunity of the body against many diseases.

7.Prevents the occurrence of Goitre.
Deficiency of iodine leads to diseases like Goitre. Intake of sufficient doses helps to treat and prevent this disease.

Iodine can be obtained from salt, eggs, dairy products and sea food. But one needs to be careful about the prescribed dosage of iodine as overdose may cause problems especially in pregnant women and people suffering from tuberculosis.

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  1. chester

    January 24, 2013 7:51 pm

    very but very out standing and true my girlfriend dint saw her period for 7 months and doctors said it was a stage of menopauses. i did not believe it at all.i read about iodine i try it first on myself i start loosing weight 20 pounds in about in 40 days.that felt soo good.i gave it to my girlfriend.she try it and it took 2.5 months for it to take was literraly like if she was having a child a few pain due to soo long her belly was soo big and guess what she lost wait fast before she get her period then she had her happy face and now its precise every 21 exact day and to let you. know what was the smile on my face,and this is true i was planing for her birthday in march 2013 make her boobs bigger 2 sizes well guess what her boobs increase literally 2.5 sizes it am giving it to as many as i can of my family and recomending it also.start out with 3 drops then gradually increase to 6 drops on 2 weeks not to incude my waist was 38 now is 33 and she says am her model(i rub that in) get off your ass and go use it

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