Benefits Of Gym Class in School

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Benefit Of Gym Class in School

Most children used to get exercise because they ran outside, chased other kids around playing tag or hung around jungle gyms. Today, it’s no longer the case as often as many kids spend their free time in front of a computer rather than hopping around the neighborhood, finding out what trouble they could get into that day. Luckily, schools have gym class, where they can get a taste of physical activity. This offers a number of benefits.

1. Decreases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
Non-insulin dependent diabetes can be prevented by reducing body fat, which can be done through exercise.

2. It improves their grades.
Research has revealed that children who are fit tend to score higher than the rest, up to almost twice as high. Thirty minutes or more of exercise has been shown to result in improved academic performance.

3. It combats childhood obesity.
Childhood obesity is becoming the norm. Exercise both in and out of school decreases its onset considerably.

4. It can improve their bone structure and bone strength.
Mineral density is increased if a child regularly exercises as it appears to adapt best at a young age. This will eventually help in combating osteoporosis.

5. It children psychologically.
Exercise can easily reduce anxiety and improve their self-esteem and self-image. This allows them to cope with stress much better.

6. This will improve their current and future cardiovascular health.
Risk factors can appear and be handled early in life. Exercise can reduce the amount of cholesterol in their bloodstream and thus reduce the chances that hypertension will set in.

It remains important to understand and remember that each child is different. Some children will be able to handle and even enjoy gym class while others would rather sit down and read a good book. What little exercise they get will improve their health.

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