Benefits Of Electrolytes

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Benefit Of Electrolytes

Electrolytes are more important than they sound. Most often heard of in sports drink commercials, electrolytes maintain the balance of fluid in cells. Perspiration from physical exertion or from the heat can leak electrolyte levels. An electrolyte imbalance would lead to thinks as simple as muscle spasms to extremely dangerous symptoms such as nervous system disorders and an irregular heartbeat.

1. They are great for rehydrating after a good sweat.
Many sports drink offer electrolytes. Electrolytes are far more efficient at hydrating a person who has been sweating buckets because of exercise or heat than just water.

2. Electrolyte filled sports drinks are a good source of glucose.
Electrolyte filled drinks are a good source of glycogen and sugar. These will help replenish your liver and muscle stores. Glucose is what muscles run on during intense workout or exertion and thus, taking an energy drink has the added benefit of extending stamina.

3. They are good during sickness.
Diarrhea and/or vomiting are common during more severe illnesses and can severely dehydrate the afflicted. This is especially true for children and babies. Sports drinks can quickly replenish their water supplies.

4. Electrolytes can serve as a hangover cure.
Studies have revealed that electrolytes can also serve as a hangover cure. Excessive alcohol intake actually leads to dehydration – the hangover itself is a symptom of dehydration. Electrolyte intake can resolve that issue. Coconut water is also full of electrolytes, which makes it a good drink for the morning after a party.

There are very few reasons not to keep your electrolyte levels balanced and while they are readily available from sports drinks, they are also available from food. Vegetables and fruits such as corn, green beans and carrots, also boast high concentrations of electrolytes. A glass of water with pinches of flour, sugar and salt will also do.

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