Benefits Of Freedom of Speech

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Benefits of Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech prohibits the government from arbitrarily or unnecessarily interfering with one’s personal opinion, or speech for that matter. As stated in the constitution, every citizen has the opportunity to censure the federal government to support their ostracized, bizarre ideas, which may be offensive to those around you.

1. Shared responsibility

For starters, freedom of speech gives a person a certain level of responsibility, enhanced trust, frankness, and better sense of liability. In addition, free speech acts a tool in nurturing social evolution. Nevertheless, in order to ensure that we all enjoy freedom of speech, the government must put measures into place to stop groups that promote offensive views, such as racism, fascism, sexism and terrorism.

2. Enhances self-esteem

Another reason why the government should encourage freedom of speech is to help people develop poise to express their views without fear of being condemned or punished. By doing so, people can challenge the rules and laws and fight for what they believe is right. Such inspired folks are usually front-runners in economic development.

3. New ideas foster development

The benefits of freedom of speech are somewhat obvious, for instance, sharing of ideas can enhance productivity at the workplace, not to mention that it fosters social relationship. Although the benefits of freedom of speech are evident, some groups may abuse this privilege by promoting racist views, as well as fascism.

4. Encourages social evolution

While it is not prudent to restrict freedom of speech, the government should set up laws to ensure all individuals have the chance to express their views without any discrimination, especially when the laws are enforced by the federal government. Also, it protects your rights of expression and information in cases of war like circumstances.

Freedom of speech has its limitations when a group of individuals promote biased ideas, like sexism, fascism, terrorism, and racism.

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