Benefits Of Fever Grass Tea

benefis of teaBenefits of Fever Grass Tea

Lemon grass is native to Sri Lanka and southern India and it yields an aromatic essential oil. It is very helpful in food flavoring and also in tea production. The lemon grass tea is useful for coping with colds, fever and cough. The following are benefits of fever grass tea.

1. Prevents cancer
Research shows intake of lemon grass tea provides a certain substance called citral in the body that causes apoptosis in cancer cells. This means the cancerous cells kill themselves off following regular intake of this tea. Moreover, citral does not cause any harm to the normal body cells and it only acts on cancer cells. Taking one fever grass tea cup provides adequate citral amounts to ward off cancer.

2. Boosts digestion
Consuming lemon grass tea following a meal might prevent the development of several gastrointestinal problems. The active part of lemon grass tea, citral, encourages a highly effective digestion process. Flatulence and stomach cramping are easily avoided by drinking this tea regularly.

3. Diuretic properties
Herbal practitioners claim that lemon grass tea has strong diuretic effects and consuming it might assist lessen too much retention of water in the body. It is mostly considered safe and you can even sweeten your tea using honey. It has cleansing effects as well that assist in liver and kidney detoxification.

4. Skin benefits
Frequent lemon grass tea intake enhances skin health through lessening the development of pimples and acne. It tones the tissues and muscles, which guard against skin inflammation. The other method that lemon grass tea improves skin health is by encouraging proper blood flow to the skin. Adequate nutrients are supplied to the skin, thereby offering a natural glow.
When consumed internally in commended doses, lemon grass tea is not linked to any significant or bothersome side effects.

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