Benefits Of Fennel

Benefits Of Fennel

The botanical name of fennel is Foeniculum Vulgare Miller and has traditionally been used both as a spice and a medicine. Its essence is commonly used for producing antacids, toothpastes, mouth fresheners, desserts, and used in culinary arts all over the world. The Fennel herb has been a traditional element of Indian, Chinese, Arab, and Western medicines. The active component of fennel is the terpenoid anethole, which is found in its volatile oil and has a mild estrogen-like activity that reduces spasms in smooth muscles. In earlier days fennel was an official drug of the United States. The many benefits of using fennel include:

1. Helps in treating Anemia:

Fennel contains rich amounts of Iron, which is the main component of hemoglobin- the red pigment found in blood. It is also rich in Histidine, an amino acid, which stimulates the production of hemoglobin in the blood. Histidine also helps in the formation of other constituents of blood. Thus fennel is considered to be helpful in treating anemia.

2. Helps in treating indigestion.

Chewing of fennel seeds after eating meals helps in facilitating digestion and keeps one away bad breath. The constituents of essential oils present in fennel seeds are stimulants that encourage the secretion of gastric and digestive juices. These oils also help to reduce inflammation in the stomach as well as in the intestines and they assist in the absorption of nutrients from food. The basic property of fennel makes it an excellent antacid and is extensively used in for manufacturing antacids.

3. Aids in treating constipation.

When Fennel seeds are used in the form of powder, it acts as a laxative. Roughage present in these seeds helps to clear off the bowels. The stimulating effect of fennel seeds help in creating proper peristaltic movement of the intestines. This in turn helps to improve a person’s digestive and excretory systems.

4. Aids in treating respiratory problems.

Fennel seeds are useful in treating respiratory disorders likecongestion, cough, bronchitis, etc. This is due to the presence of Anetol and Cineole that are natural expectorants that help in treating respiratory disorders.

5. Takes care of eyes.

Regular use of fennel seeds in food helps in protecting the eyes from various kinds of inflammation, macular degeneration, ageing disorders etc. This is due to the presence of antioxidants such as vitamin-C, and amino acid like Arginine that help in the rejuvenation of tissues and help prevent the effects of aging. Application of juice of fennel leaves on the eyes helps in reducing irritation and fatigue.

6. Aids in treating Flatulence.

Fennel traditionally has been used as an anti flatulent. This is due to the carminative properties of Aspartic acid found in fennel. Its extract can be used by infants as well as the old, to cure flatulence and to expel gases from the stomach.

Although fennel seeds are good for a person’s health, excessive use of anything is bad. The same holds true for fennels seeds as certain constituents of essential oils like Anethol, can be dangerous if consumed in over-dose. Overdose can induce increased palpitations, trouble in breathing, and neurotic problems.

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