7 Amazing Health Benefits of Cardamom

Cardamom is an exotic spice that feature a signature smell. This spice is most commonly seen in the Indian kitchens. Besides being an essential herbal spice, cardamom has some powerful Ayurveda properties. It is used in the treatment of mouth ulcer, depression and digestive disorders. It is really an advantage to know some of the … Read more

Benefits Of Fresh Ginger

Benefits of Fresh Ginger Fresh ginger is popularly used in India and China. It started to become popular in most Western countries once people started using it like a spice. Traditionally, fresh ginger was used for treating several common conditions including upset stomachs, gas and hangovers. In fact, ginger can be seen on the official … Read more

Benefits Of Cumin Powder

Benefits of Cumin Powder Cumin powder is a versatile and flavorful spice that is common in numerous worldwide cuisines. It is a vital ingredient in curries, ethnic dishes and chilies. Research has now discovered that cumin powder may be used for certain disorders including cancer. In fact, for centuries, traditional practitioners have utilized cumin powder … Read more

Benefits Of Vanilla

Benefits of Vanilla Vanilla is considered as the oldest spice and is familiar to many, but most people don’t know about its many health benefits. Originally, vanilla was popularly used by Europeans to make puddings, cakes and ice-creams. Nowadays, it has gain immense popularity and is used for culinary purposes due to its aromatic and … Read more

Benefits Of Saffron

Benefits of Saffron Saffron is a popular Asian spice that is commonly used for culinary purposes, and is believed to offer many health benefits. Research has proven the saffron has a wide array of benefits and is a natural therapy to many heath diseases. Read on to learn how you can get optimal health when … Read more

Benefits Of Methi

Benefits of Methi Methi is a very popular spice in India and it is also known as fenugreek. You can ingest it though incorporating it into your daily diet or by chewing its seeds. Aside from its culinary uses, methi seeds have several health benefits. The following are some key advantages of methi seeds. 1. … Read more

Benefits Of Fennel

Benefits Of Fennel The botanical name of fennel is Foeniculum Vulgare Miller and has traditionally been used both as a spice and a medicine. Its essence is commonly used for producing antacids, toothpastes, mouth fresheners, desserts, and used in culinary arts all over the world. The Fennel herb has been a traditional element of Indian, … Read more

Benefits Of Curcumin

Benefits Of Curcumin The golden yellow color of turmericÂ’ (Curcuma Longa) is due to the presence of a biologically active component known as curcumin. According to Chinese herbal medicine, and many Asian streams of medicines including the Ayurveda, turmeric is an excellent natural treatment for healing various kinds of wounds. Due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and … Read more

Benefits Of Cinnamon

Benefits Of Cinnamon Cinnamon is well known as a delicious spice and is used in the preparation of a variety of dishes and recipes. Apart from its use as a spice, cinnamon is very beneficial for the body and is used as a medicine for the treatment of various ailments. The many befits of cinnamon … Read more

Benefits of Ginger

The Major Health Benefits of Ginger Ginger happens to be a culinary spice most well-known for its pungent aroma and taste to dishes that it is added onto. Its long history in medicinal herbs and culinary spices for centuries in Asia has caused it to be exported through Eastern traders to the West. Ever since … Read more