Benefits of Drinking Wine

red-wineBenefits of Drinking Red wine

Although too much intake of wine is harmful for health but no wine does no good to it. Moderate quantities of wine intake makes a person feel relaxed of his daily stress and strain. The special benefits of red wine increases both physical and sexual life of a person.
Red wine is a health drink that prevents our body from various diseases rather than curing them. Red wine contains the highest quantities of Resveratrol and Polyphenols, that work together to increase life expectancy and produce long lasting benefits for health. These include:

1. Red wine protects against cancer.
The continuous chain of biochemical reactions taking place in the human body results in the formation of many products and by products that have a toxic effect on the system. It is therefore necessary to remove these substances from the body from time to time. Some of these are so harmful that they react with antioxidants present in the body and get converted into other compounds. Red grapes from which red wine is made contains high quantities of flavonoids, an antioxidant. Red wine gives strong defense against risk of growth of cancer. It also offers the protection that is required for prevention of various kinds of cancer. But those who are at the genetic risk of developingÂ’ breast cancer reconsider consuming red wine.

2.Prevents Heart diseases
The high content of flavinoids, an antioxidant lowers the blood pressure and reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. It thus prevents the person from the risk of Heart diseases. In fact, red wine is said to reduce the chances of heart related diseases by forty percent.

3. Helps in reducing stress
The immense competition in all fields of life today has made stress a common problem of the day. It not only reduces the immunity of the body and makes it prone to various diseases but also leads to other problems like insomnia. The best way to get relieved from stress and calm down is by taking a glass of wine every day.

4. Helps in treatment of Arthritis
Arthritis cannot be cured completely but intake of anti inflammatory drinks and foods can relieve the sufferers from pain. This helps in reducing inflammation and thus reduces pain. Reduction in pain increases the patient’s flexibility and capacity to exercise and get better. Resveratrol- the antioxidant present in red wine is capable of bringing the inflammation to an end. This special benefit makes it useful for curing inflammation related to arthritis, diabetesÂ’ and irritable bowel syndrome.

5. Makes sex enjoyable
Red wine makes a person get relaxed from stress and makes sex more enjoyable.

Wine is a drink that has multiple health benefits. Apart from this it helps in making life and sex enjoyable. Many eatables can be enjoyed the most when accompanied with red wine. So it can be called a key your health, taste, longevity and sex. Although there are many benefits in drinking wine, too much intake of wine may out weigh the benefits and harmful for your health.

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  1. One of good about drinking wine, specially red wine is that you intake its natural component which is resveratrol and amazingly made you protect from harmful diseases like having cardiovascular problems, it also make your life span longer.

  2. Haha. You are having a laugh. These anti-oxidants occur naturally in the grape (not the alcohol), so why not have a glass of grape juice instead? By doing this, you avoid the many risks of consuming this foul tasting poison called alcohol. The only reason people drink red wine is simply because they are addicted to alcohol, no other reason.

  3. This is really a good information and helpful to me. I have hip arithritis and I think it is gonna help me a great deal.


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