Benefits of Depressants

Benefits of Depressants

A depressant is a substance that slows down or limits the healthy work of the nervous system. Examples of depressants include things like anesthetics, alcohol and sedative-hypnotics among many others. Nevertheless, benzodiazepines and barbiturates are the most widely used depressants.

1. Treat anxiety disorders

Barbiturates are usually prescribed like sedatives under commercial names Phenobarbital and Nembutal among others. These depressants are used for treating anxiety, sleep disorders and tension. Benzodiazepines are also recommended for treating panic attacks and acute stress caused by anxiety. The reason depressants are prescribed is because they usually affect the neurotransmitters in the brain and reduce brain activity. The end result is a calming effect that can greatly benefit those who suffer from stress or anxiety. However, this benefit brings about the possibility for addiction.

2. Provides tranquility

Patients taking depressants usually feel calm and at ease. However, when these medications are used for a very long period, the effects of tranquility and calmness may disappear are bigger doses are needed so as to achieve similar effects. Continual use of depressants leads to dependence, which makes it very hard to stop due to the adverse withdrawal effects. Hence, those who are unable to stop taking depressants should seek treatment to avert life-threatening health problems because of withdrawal symptoms.

3. Increase comfort

Many people use depressants like alcohol so as to increase their comfort level. Alcohol changes an individual’s disposition to avert uncomfortable feelings. However, the mental and physical dependence to alcohol can translate into addiction. Remember that alcohol addiction is treatable under the right conditions and thus you should seek help where necessary.

Regardless of the fact that depressants increase comfort and tranquility, they also have several disadvantages. They can be very addictive and this leads to bad withdrawal symptoms. Depressants also cause poor judgment and slurred speech.

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