Benefits of Step Aerobics

Benefits of Step Aerobics

Aerobics are vital to a well balanced workout routine. Step aerobics, a highly effective exercise, was introduced early in the 80s and it is still being used today in health clubs and gyms for a full body workout. It is an intense exercise and the choreographed movements are accompanied with music. Ensure you consult a doctor before starting step aerobics.

1. Improves fitness level

Engaging in step aerobics increases your overall fitness level. This can not only assist you in sports, but in doing the normal daily activities also. Regular sessions provide both muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Furthermore, incorporating both lower and upper body movements during step aerobics will enhance agility and coordination. The constant leg pushup onto a step during a session also increases leg strength.

2. Increase overall health

Besides making you an even better athlete, step aerobics will also have a positive impact on your general health. The extreme cardiovascular exercises will make sure that you lungs and hear work more effectively. In addition, step aerobics aid in burning calories and thus it will to maintain an optimal body weight. This reduces the chances of getting weight-related issues like heart disease, joint pain and diabetes.

3. Easy customization

You can easily customize step aerobics to make it more challenging. The simplest way of doing this is to increase the height of the step. This will make the workout harder and thus increase the overall gains. You can even incorporate arm movement in your routine or use light weights to add resistance. Finally, you can increase the speed of both the music as well as your moves to achieve a greater calorie burning effect.

Step aerobics is a very interesting workout since instructors normally modify the routines regularly. Remember to start your workout session with a light warm up of about ten minutes.

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