Benefits Of Cloves

cloves-pdBenefits Of Cloves

Cloves are dried, unopened buds of flowers that grow on an evergreen clove tree. Each clove tree is middle-sized and grows up to a height of about 10-12 meters. A flower bud of Eugenia aromatica or clove is pink in color. When it is dried, it turns brown and is used as a spice in various cuisines all through the world. Owing to its strong aroma, it is used for cooking and flavoring various recipes. Apart from being used as a spice, cloves have high nutritional and medicinal properties and therefore quite beneficial for our health. The multifold benefits of cloves include:

1.Provide essential nutrients to the body.
Cloves provide essential nutrients to the body. They are an excellent source of vitamins like vitamin C and K; minerals like, manganese, iron, magnesium and calcium and dietary fiber.

2.Helps in treating dental problems.
Cloves are often used due to their analgesic property which is due to an active component, eugenol oil. This oil extracted form cloves and is used for relieving and treating dental problems such as tooth ache. This oil extracted from cloves possesses antibacterial properties, due to which it is used in the preparation of dental creams, mouth wash, toothpastes, and throat sprays for cleansing and removing bacteria. Loves and its oil also help to relieve and treat pain due to sore gums and maintain the overall dental health.

3.Anti-inflammatory in nature.
Due to the high content of flavanoids, cloves are used as an anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of many diseases. Pure clove oil is used for the treatment of symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism. Clove oil is strongly aromatic and when inhaled, it can soothe certain respiratory problems like cough, cold, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, and also cleans the nasal tract.

4.Antiseptic in nature.
Cloves and eugenol oil extracted form it are antiseptic in nature and are an effective cure for common problems like cuts, burns, wounds, fungal infections, athlete’s foot and bruises. When this oil is applied in concentrated form on the skin it causes irritation and is therefore used in diluted form.

5.Antispasmodic in nature.
Cloves and its oil have antispasmodic properties. When applied topically on the affected portion, the oil helps in relieving muscle spasms.

6.Aid in treating digestive problems.
Cloves are quite effective in curing many digestive problems like indigestion, loose motions, and nausea. They also help in relieving the symptoms of gastric irritability, diarrhea, and vomiting.

7.Help to prevent cancer.
Research shows that cloves are effective in preventing serious and fatal diseases like lung and skin cancer. Eugenol, the essential component of cloves, helps to minimize the damaging effects of environmental wastes, which are the usual cause of cancer in the digestive system.

Clove is a spice which is available in every home. With so many benefits to human health they should be a part of our regular use. But, for in infants and pregnant women clove oil should be used only after consulting with your doctor.

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