Benefits Of Box Jumps

Benefits of Box Jumps

Box jumps are effective plyometric exercises designed to help you improve vertical leap while standing on a stable surface. You can perform this exercise to strengthen the hamstrings, glutes and quads – as these are the main explosive muscle fibers. Not only does it improve one’s vertical jump, but also help to improve stamina. Other reasons you should incorporate box jumps into your workout regimen are listed below.

1. Requires no expertise
One reason you should add box jumps into your workout regimen is that it requires no expertise whatsoever. Although most fitness stores sell boxes specifically designed for vertical training, you can perform this routine on a raised and stable surface. The stepper the surface, the more effective the exercise will be. Therefore, athletes are encouraged to begin their workout on a lower surface until they develop the necessary coordination and muscles.

2. Reduces force of impact
Box jumps form a great workout plan for heavier NFL athletes as they help reduce landing impact. Additionally, they are good for those seeking to improve their standing or step jump. In fact, this is the reason box jumps are popular among NFL recruits. Because these athletes are heavier and heavier, the vertical leap test is used to determine whether they are in good physical shape.

3. Complete body workout
Performing box jump exercises also provide a complete body workout and can improve your fitness levels. By using basic equipment and working different muscle groups, box jumps can improve athletic ability, as well as physical fitness. Additionally, they are less intensive than other exercises such as weightlifting.

4. Boosts explosive power
Explosive power is what propels you to jump higher. Box jump is an excellent exercise that builds explosive power. For maximum explosive power, you have to incorporate deadlifts and squats into your workout regimen.
Although there are no drawbacks of performing box jumps, it is always advisable to incorporate other exercises into your workout regimen to increase your explosive power.

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