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bottled_150Benefits Of Bottled water

Bottled water is profusely used commodity all over the world. Thousands of years ago bottled water was made and sold for healing purposes in a few areas of the world. But nowadays, public water supply is a source of worry both for government agencies and the consumers. Water systems sometimes fail so badly that people do not receive sufficient drinking water for hours and even when they do its consequences are horrible. This is because the supply water not only contains impurities; but is also subject to problems like backflow contamination. Therefore bottled water is being used as an expensive, but safe solution to the drink water problems all over the world. The benefits of bottled water are many and include:

1.Better taste of water.
In many parts of the world like Mexico, the tap water is poor in taste. This might be due to the presence of certain distasteful substance which may harm the body. Such water is not safe for drinking. People have therefore opted for bottled water that tastes good and is also safe for the body.

2.Safe for emergencies.
Bottled water is useful for emergency situations like hurricane, a blackout, and other natural disaster. When you are jammed in a snowstorm and unable to get to a safer place, bottled water is the best way to prevent yourself from dehydration.

3.Free from contamination.
Bottled water passes through complex processes of purification. This makes bottled water safe for drinking and prevents the entry of harmful substances and organisms into the body.

4.Peace of mind.
Intake of sealed water processed by standard companies gives peace of mind that you are drinking safe and pure water.

5.Can be used in any part of world.
Bottled water can be carried and used in any part of the world. It will involve less of guess work and you can be assured of safe pure drinking water whenever and wherever you are.

6.Provides necessary mineral to the body.
If you opt for spring water or mineral water, it provides the body with the necessary minerals. Sufficient quantities of these minerals are vital for maintaining the health of the human system.

Bottled water is mostly expensive. This is due to the various kinds of processes that the water has to pass before it is filled in bottles. Additional charges of delivering these bottles to the desired destinations, increases the prices further. Although this is an expensive version of water available for drinking, but think about the numerous benefits that it offers to your health and opt for bottled water instead of tap water.

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2 Responses

  1. cacardo

    February 12, 2010 4:50 pm

    I disagree completely – where tap water is unsafe, the solution is improve it! Bottled water means waste of energy for producing the bottle, waste of oil for transporting it. It is definetely an unsustainable solution. It’s a pity to have posted this article: the related “benefits of drinking water” was nice. This is really misleading.

    • amit

      February 26, 2012 5:06 pm

      if you don’t like drinking water, then don’t drink it. but don’t tell others not to drink it

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