Benefits of Adoption

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baby-pdBenefits of Adoption

A young lady stalked by an unwanted pregnancy. A middle-aged couple who has exhausted all means to have a child of their own and is fast losing hope of a family. The same thing bothers both these people – a child. For the former it is an unwanted burden, for the latter it is a miracle waiting to happen. And adoption is soon becoming the magic word that solves both their problems. Adoption is a miracle that happens not only to the adoptive family, but also the adopted child who finally gets an emotionally-supportive and complete family. It has its share of benefits for all the three involved – the birth mother, the adopted child, and the adoptive family.

1.Benefits to the birth mother:

Most often the fear and concerns of parenting a child single-handedly or not being emotionally and economically prepared to handle a child are the reasons that lead to termination of pregnancies. Adoption helps to allay these fears and assures the mother of a safe, happy, and stable family environment for the child to grow up. This assurance is the greatest benefit that adoption offers to the birth mother. In addition to these there are other benefits such as:

Pursuing their personal, educational, and career goals or aspirations
Financial assistance to take care of all the prenatal, birth, and other expenses
Choosing the adoptive parents
Freedom to decide future relationship with the child and adoptive parents
Satisfaction of giving a childless couple the opportunity of a family

2.Benefits to the adopted child:

The greatest beneficiary in the adoption process is the child being adopted. Without this the child might either undergo the unhappiness and trauma of a single parent upbringing, or might end up in some home with a similar group of homeless children. The greatest benefit of adoption for the child is the opportunity to grow up and be part of an emotionally complete family, and probably even be lucky to have sisters and brothers to share their childhood. Other than this there are also several other benefits such as:

Emotionally and economically prepared family with adoptive parents to share love and provide support
Homely family environment to grow up in
Opportunities to grow up in a two-parent home and probably with brothers and sisters
Greater possibility of a better education
Greater possibility of meeting or fulfilling the emotional, physical, and psychological needs of the child

3.Benefits to the adoptive family:

Adoption often comes as a miracle to the adoptive family to end their childless living. But adoption is not only done by childless couples, often there are many families who have children of their own and still adopt homeless children. They have space in their hearts and homes for one more or, in some instances, for few more children to become a part of their family. Bringing an adoptive child into their family to make it complete is the greatest benefit of adoption that such families enjoy. For most women who have exhausted all scientific means to have a child, adoption is the second best way to go through the joys of pregnancy and motherhood. These are dreams of a mother and father that would otherwise remain dreams but for adoption.

Adoption has its share of concerns. There are even instances when the adoption fails to work and it is dissolved to ensure safety of the child or the family involved. But most often, it takes just a lot of love and patience to make it work. And what a small price to pay; when you think that at the end of it all, you have given a normal, happy upbringing to a homeless child.

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