Benefits of boiling water


It has been clinically recorded that when contaminated water is filtered and treated, it generally removes all the impurities but nevertheless fails to treat the water against bacteria and viruses. Therefore boiling water is good for our health as boiling drinking water helps in removing the existing bacteria and other germs from the water, once it is boiled for approximately twenty minutes.

There are several benefits of drinking boiled water, and in this article we shall discuss some of the good and healthy advantages of boiling water before we ingest it.

It’s assures complete safety

The very first advice that the doctors tends to give to anyone who is sick, is to drink water after boiling it. Boiling water helps in treating the unseen impurities in water which can cause water borne infections and diseases such as cold, cough, fever, flu and others. Boiling water is good for our health as it lessens the risk of getting infected by such diseases as with boiled water these infections can be thwarted and minimized. Boiling water also helps in reducing chances for getting infected with diseases like typhoid and jaundice.

Helps in proper digestion

Boiling water before drinking it even helps in reducing gastrointestinal aliments such as diarrhea, loose-motion and others. It is said that drinking a glass full of moderately warm boiled water in the morning on an empty stomach helps in improving the digestion system. Drinking warm boiled water at the start of the day helps in flushing out unwanted toxins from our body.

It has been clinically noted that drinking warm water after boiling it in the morning before our breakfast on a regular basis also helps in keeping our skin radiant and beautiful.

Good for our throat

It has been seen that drinking warm boiled water is also an effective remedy for the treatment of several minor throat infections especially sore throat. For centuries warm boiled water has been used as a household remedy for clogged throats.

So for all those people who suffers from throat ailments, cough and sore throat, drinking this easy to prepare elixir, indeed aids a lot in getting relief from throat pains.

There are several examples of renowned singers and voice artists who prefer drinking warm boiled water for keeping their throats clear and their voice perfect.

Assures overall improvement in our health

As it has also been noted earlier, drinking boiled water is often advised by all doctors and physician all across the globe. This is because drinking boiled water is very much equivalent to drinking packaged water, those that are available in the market. Although boiled water does not contains all the minerals that are found in packaged water, but nevertheless it is the second best option in absence of packaged water.

There are many household all across the globe that boils water instead of using expensive reverse osmosis water filters which are in certain places pretty costly to buy.

Good for newborns, infants and kids

As infants and newborns are extra-sensitive to any germs that may be lurking in the water they are made to drink, drinking boiled water is most imperative for all newborns and kids. Boiling water before ingesting it, not only keeps the children out of the harm’s way from water born or seasonal diseases but it also makes the grown up healthily.

So be it adults or children we all must drink water after boiling it for approximately 20 minutes every day.

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