Benefits Of Black Pepper

black-pepper-pdBenefits Of Black Pepper

Black Pepper, the dried fruit from the pepper plant, is scientifically known as Piper Nigrum. It is a popular spice that is extensively used in culinary all over the world. The spice tastes hot and gives a pleasant appetizing aroma.
Black Pepper has been known and used by people all the world since the last 4,000 years. In earlier times, black pepper was highly treasured and was used as currency just like gold is used nowadays. Today, we buy and use it just as a spice for our eggs and salads. Black Pepper brings amazing health benefits for its users. Here are a few of these:

1.Improved digestion of food.
Black pepper stimulates the complete digestive system resulting in better and speedy digestion of food consumed. It stimulates the salivary glands, stomach, liver, pancreas, to secrete high quantities of saliva, acids, and digestive juices like pancreatic juice and bile juice. The secretion of these substances facilitates the complete process of digestion. Black Pepper is a safe spice for people suffering from ulcers and acidity who cannot eat chilies.

2.Treats digestive disorders.
Black Pepper helps to the formation of gas in the stomach and intestines, by hampering the bacteria responsible for gas formation. It also helps to remove any gas that is formed inside.

3.Helps in the detoxification of body.
Black pepper is diaphoretic & diuretic in nature. It promotes both sweating and urination in the body. Both these processes play a vital role in the removal of excessive water and toxins from the body. Thus regular use of black pepper as a spice helps to prevent the occurrence of many diseases.

4.Helps to reduce excessive weight.
Black pepper also helps to remove extra fat form the body. This along with the removal of extra body water helps to treat the problem of obesity.

5.Acts as an antioxidant.
Black Pepper acts as an antioxidant and protects the body from the negative effects of free radicals. Removal of free radicals form the body delays the adverse effects of aging like loss of vision, wrinkling of skin, macular degeneration, etc.

6.Beneficial for joint problems.
Regular intake of black pepper benefits the people suffering from problems like rheumatism and arthritis. It is warming and stimulating in nature and thus helps to improves circulation. Thus it is helpful in providing relief to patients suffering with rheumatism and arthritis. The removal of excessive uric acid from the body also provides relief form pain in chronic rheumatism and arthritis.

Black pepper contains minerals like calcium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, iron and potassium, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body. It is also rich in Vitamin-K, and beta carotene. If a single spice is capable of providing so many benefits to your body, it is essential to incorporate it in your diet. The price you pay for it, is worth the benefits it will provide to your body.

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