Benefits Of Bicameral Legislature

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Benefits of Bicameral Legislature

A bicameral legislature refers to the governing practice of where there are two parliamentary or legislative chambers. The relationship that exists between the various chambers may vary from one country to the next. In some countries the two parliamentary chambers have the same power, while in other nations, one chamber may be superior. There are several advantages that can be realized through the implementation of the bicameral legislature as discussed below.

1. Stable governance
Supporters of the bicameral legislature system believe that it offers of a more stable form of governance mainly in terms of membership and action. This balance of restraint and responsiveness is not achievable when using the unicameral legislature. In addition, double representation used in the bicameral legislature provides a more inclusive and just governance than the mere majority rule, further increasing stability of the country.

2. Better representation
The two house governance is more representative of the various interests in the current diverse society. In fact, using the bicameral legislature is less prone to control or influence by some powerful minorities. Dual representation enhances the likelihood that constituents and legislators will have better direct contact. This means that communities or citizens petitioning for any legislative actions are going to get quick hearings from sympathetic representatives. The bicameral system is therefore more probable to cater for minority interests.

3. Quality decision making
Through slowing down the process of decision making, the bicameral legislature fosters quality results. It creates more chances for thinking about certain decision before the final steps can be taken. This is done through demanding that all steps are approved by the two independent parliaments.
The disadvantage of governing using the bicameral legislature is that it is very costly, with respect to both time and money. Important bills may also take lots of time before they are passed because of wrangling in either one of the two parliaments.

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