Benefits Of Animal Testing

Benefits of Animal Testing

Product and medical testing on animals still remains like a controversial topic. Many regulations have been enforced so as to ensure both the effectiveness and safety of medical procedures and consumer products. Animal testing assists in providing information needed to ascertain that a certain procedure or product adheres to these laws. Find the benefits of animal testing below.

1. Lowers human experimentation

Unapproved products pose huge risk levels to all human volunteers. However, animal testing offers an essential first test level that does not pose a threat to humans. Such kinds of test help rule out potential problems with the product. This means fewer human tests will be required, and the risk faced by people in the human trials is much lower. Even though animals do not offer an exact equivalent for humans during a trial, they can greatly assist in the first stages.

2. Allows quicker approval

Animal testing enables new procedures and drugs to be more quickly approved. Rats, mice and other kinds of animals commonly utilized in trials have short lifecycles. This makes determining whether a particular product has any long term adverse effects much simpler. Quicker testing means that the product can start to be used quickly. With regards to medical procedures, the additional speed may assist to save lives.

3. Highly reliable

Animal testing has been around for decades, with scientists having a better understanding now of how best to use them. This increased reliability guarantees that external factors are not likely to affect a test outcome.

4. Protects humans

Comprehensive tests on humans enhance safety for consumers of a certain product and also the volunteers who are normally involved in later trials. Carcinogens, toxins and unforeseen adverse effects can be easily identified in the animal trials.

Animal rights activists however object to animal testing as they believe that it is unnecessary and also cruel.

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