Benefits Of Animal Testing

Benefits of Animal Testing Product and medical testing on animals still remains like a controversial topic. Many regulations have been enforced so as to ensure both the effectiveness and safety of medical procedures and consumer products. Animal testing assists in providing information needed to ascertain that a certain procedure or product adheres to these laws. … Read more

Benefits Of Wolves

Benefits of Wolves Historically, wolves wandered freely but decades of hostility and misconception towards the animal has almost led to its extinction Habitat loss coupled with these misconceptions led to the extinction of wolves and the species is now found in a few countries. Even so, the wolf has a number of economical and ecological … Read more

Benefits Of Animal Research

Benefits of Animal Research Animal testing is a controversial topic as pharmaceutical companies and laboratories continue to face strong criticism from animal activists. Many claim that animal research is unnecessary and cruel, not to mention that these companies often use various chemical products on animals. However, animal research may have a number of advantages. 1. … Read more