Benefits Of All Day Kindergarten

Benefits of All Day Kindergarten

Kindergarten plays a very essential role in early childhood development as it gives young students the opportunity to gain exposure both in and out of the classroom. Thought it is not a requirement in many states, there are many benefits of enrolling your children in a kindergarten, from emotional and social growth to better academic skills.

1. Emotional and social benefits
Kindergarten will expose your child to new experiences as he/ she gets an opportunity to meet other children. By interacting with other children, your child will learn to move along with others. Through play, the child will also learn empathy and self-control when interacting with other children.

2. Boosts confidence and self-esteem
Most kindergarten tutors often give children simple classrooms jobs or tasks to teach them how to become responsible. This goes along way in improving student’s self-esteem, particularly when they successfully complete their tasks. On the other hand, kindergarten gives young students the opportunity to play with each other with minimal adult supervision to promote their independence.

3. Improvement in academics
Kindergarten exposes young students to simple tasks such as solving math problems. Teachers also mentor students by encouraging positive play, which helps nurture confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, kindergarten gives children an opportunity to learn new topics in science and spark their interest in grasping new material.

4. Better communication
Because children in Kindergarten enjoy more play time, their conversational skills blossom at a tender age. According to research, kindergarten students are more articulate than those children who stay at home with their parents.

5. No need to hire a nanny
Placing your children in kindergarten simply means you don’t require the services of a nanny or a day care.

Adult supervision is very important in a kindergarten particularly during play time to discourage unruly behavior like fighting.

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