Benefits of Agar

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Agar is one of the ingredients that were highly popular in Asian countries for decades. It is obtained from the seaweed that is found on rocky regions of China, Sri Lanka and Japan. Agar is void of starch, gluten, wheat, yeast, preservatives, sugar or animal byproducts. It is a great vegetarian dish that is accessible as flakes or in powdered form or dried strips.

1. Suppresses appetite

Agar offers the benefit of surprising appetite and is thus beneficial for weight loss. When wet, agar becomes gelatinous and provides a fullness feeling. This suppresses feelings of hunger, controls appetite and encourages weight loss. Obese individuals and also those simply looking to manage their weight should consider consuming agar.

2. Mineral source

Agar contains lots of minerals that the body needs on a regular basis. For instance, one ounce of agar comprises of 177 mg of calcium, 6 mg of iron, 318 mg of potassium and also 29 mg of sodium. These minerals are important in maintaining proper overall health. Additionally, agar eliminates the need of the body to retain and store excess fat.

3. Boosts digestion

A nutrition that includes frequent agar intake will not only improve digestion, but it will also enhance waste removal. Agar absorbs lots of glucose present in your stomach and passes quickly across the digestive tract. This water absorbing property also helps in quickening waste removal. Since agar contains a high amount of fiber, it offers a laxative benefit that assists in regulating and cleansing the bowel.

4. Lowers cholesterol

The other agar advantage is that it absorbs bile, which assists the body in dissolving more cholesterol. Reducing cholesterol improves health as it prevents plaques from forming in arteries. This safeguards the user from getting heart attacks.

Ensure to follow up agar consumption with sufficient fluid intake all through the day so as to avert side effects such as bowel obstructions.

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