Benefits of BIM

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BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and it involves various processes with a technological support that are used for managing an asset all through its lifecycle. Hence, BIM incorporates various kinds of data of each component of an asset’s design. The benefits of BIM are shown below.

1. Increases performance

Through allowing accurate and swift contrasting of varying design choices and allowing the creation of more sustainable, efficient and cost effective solutions, BIM helps boost performance. It also involves deploying new modeling technologies that are have been optimized effectively against the agreed parameters.

2. Promotes collaboration

BIM ensures that all partners in the project including the contractor, suppliers and other specialists use one 3D model. This cultivates a collaborative working relationship. This makes sure that each person has focused their goals on attaining the best value. With BIM, project partners can be kept abreast on the progression of the project.

3. Better predictability

It is simpler to visualize projects at an earlier stage using BIM and give owners a better idea of the intent of the design. This allows any modifications to be done on the design so as to obtain the desired outcome. Before construction, BIM allows the constructors to come up with a virtual building. This provides the opportunity to rehearse the complex procedures and also planning the procurement of equipment, manpower and materials.

4. Quicker project completion

BIM helps achieve approximately 50% time savings through agreeing on the key design early on in the project so as to remove late stage changes. It also advocates the use of typical design elements where practical and also resolving intricate construction details prior to the project going onsite. This avoids clashes and it also involves taking full advantage of the automation and intelligence in the model for checking design integrity.

BIM is thus very beneficial and increases safety during construction as contractors can lower construction risks through reviewing intricate procedures beforehand.

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