Benefits of acetylcholine

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Benefits of acetylcholine

Acetylcholine is one of many substances that perform very important functions in the body. ‘ Specifically, acetylcholine is classified as a neurotransmitter and this means that this substance helps to transmit nerve signals from various parts of the nervous system. ‘ Aside from its involvement in the brain though, acetylcholine also performs other functions affecting other systems in the body including the muscular system and cardiovascular systems among many others. ‘ The following are the benefits that acetylcholine provides to the body:

1. Activation of autonomic nervous system

Acetylcholine plays a big role in sending signals from one nerve ending to another especially in terms of the autonomic nervous systems. ‘ Body functions such as breathing and heart contractions are considered as automatic but these vital functions do not work efficiently without the action of acetylcholine.

2. Muscle contraction

Acetylcholine also supports the muscular system in terms of locomotion of movement. ‘ Through its action, the contraction of muscle fibers will occur and this will help the body in terms of moving from one position to another.

3. Maintenance of digestive system

The secretion of gastric and other juices in the intestines is also being maintained through the action of acetylcholine on the other substances in the body. ‘ With acetylcholine present, digestion will occur efficiently along with the absorption of nutrients from ingested food items.

4. Aid in eye-related surgeries

Acetylcholine also helps to constrict the pupils in the eyes and this is a very important and needed effect in terms of eye surgery. ‘ During cataract surgery for example, the pupils need to be constricted and this is made possible by acetylcholine.

With its various benefits and functions in the various systems of the body, acetylcholine is considered a vital substance. ‘ This also explains why many treatment procedures use acetylcholine as the main substance or ingredient. ‘ Treatments for Alzheimer’s disease for example take advantage of acetylcholine action in the nervous system.

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