Benefits of requirements engineering

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Benefits of requirements engineering

Requirements engineering refers to an engineering process that basically deals with the actual requirements of a computerized system. ‘ From the term itself, it involves knowing what the supposed requirements are, recording the said elements, and managing all of it in order to make an efficient system. ‘ Before any project is done for example, a careful analysis of what’s needed through requirements engineering is essential for all members of the project to know. ‘ Requirements engineering may provide various benefits including the following:

1. ‘ Better or more efficient system

Whether the system in questions involves software or hardware, requirements engineering can basically help to ensure that a particular computer-based project will be done more efficiently. ‘ The stages involved in discovering, documenting, and reviewing requirements for a particular system will yield to a polished system resulting to success in a particular project.

2. Better understanding for stakeholders

In a typical project, there will always be concerns coming from the stakeholders or the people who provide the money for it to be implemented. ‘ Many of these people may have some idea on some parts of a project but all of them will have a better understanding of things if requirements engineering is involved. ‘ Through this particular process, implementers of a project will have a better way of explaining details regarding the system and this will eventually benefit all stakeholders involved.

3. Improved communication of all players

All members or players of a particular software project for example will have better communication and interaction through requirements engineering. ‘ The main goal of the system is for every player to understand all system requirements before it is built or developed. ‘ With the step-by-step process involved in determining requirements and documenting all details along the way, all players of a project will be able to relate with each other in a better or improved way.

The whole process involved in requirements engineering also bridges the gap between the players that provide the budget for a computer system and the players who are responsible for implementation. ‘ Each group may have different concerns and viewpoints and the documentation of the steps in requirements engineering will make every person understand all details before any project is commenced.

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