Benefits of Abreva

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Benefits of Abreva

Abreva is a brand of medicine that combats the common cold sore. ‘ Its active ingredient is “docosanol” and works to block viruses that cause the cold sores or blisters in the mouth. ‘ Unlike other cold sore medicines that use strong anti-viral agents, Abreva’s docosanol actually works on the healthy cells and protect them from invasion of the virus. ‘ Many recommend Abreva for the following benefits:

1. No prescription needed

Unlike other cold sore medicines, one is not required to present a doctor’s prescription when buying Abreva from drug stores. ‘ This certainly takes out the hassle in having to set an appointment with a doctor just to get a prescription for this drug. ‘ By having access to this drug almost instantly, one can also get quick relief.

2. Fast action

When taken early in the development of cold sores, Abreva is said to be very effective. ‘ Many people like the almost instant relief provided by this drug. ‘ With the quick action of docosanol, the healing time of cold sores is greatly reduced thereby alleviating the various symptoms associated with the disease.

3. ‘ Protection for healthy cells

One can already appreciate Abreva’s effects in terms of stopping the inflammation and alleviating one from irritation of the cold sore. ‘ But the action of docosanol doesn’t stop there and instead it also helps limit the spread of the inflammation. ‘ This simply means that healthy cells that surround the cold sores are given protection against the viruses.

Abreva has proven to be effective against the virus that causes the cold sores and blisters in the mouth. ‘ This is the main reason that many people choose this product for cold sore treatment. ‘ Adding to its health value is that it is acknowledged by the US FDA in terms of its effectiveness in reducing the healing time for this particular disease.

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