Benefits of CFE

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Benefits of CFE

CFE stands for Certified Fraud Examiner and this title is given to an individual who passed a special exam and took several courses relating to the detection, prevention, and anything related to fraud. ‘ Being a CFE doesn’t require a person to work exclusively in the fraud examination field but can actually be a plus-factor if one decides to work in other fields. ‘ People who are certified in fraud examination may get the following benefits:

1. ‘ Recognition as a professional

Although some people may still be able to find a job in the field of fraud investigation and/or examination even without being certified, those who get certified actually get to be recognized professionally. ‘ It is not uncommon that higher ranks and positions in this particular field are only given out to those who are certified and highly-experienced. ‘ Being a CFE literally gives more value to a person professionally.

2. ‘ Higher Pay

Based on various statistical data, CFEs typically earn more than people who don’t have any certification in the field of fraud examination. ‘ This benefit is also related to the fact that supervisory and managerial positions are usually taken by CFEs instead of the generic college degree holder. ‘ Certified Fraud Examiners also get to be hired faster aside from the higher pay offers when compared with non-certified employees.

3. ‘ Additional credential

For people who may want to work in other fields, being certified in fraud examination may actually be a plus factor to get hired. ‘ Other companies may find it useful to hire somebody who has knowledge and experience when it comes to fraud and related activities.

As with many fields of work, being certified offers many advantages and benefits to people. ‘ Being a CFE simply provides proof of one’s credentials which can be of great value to various projects or processes in a given company.

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