Benefits Of Texting

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Benefits of Texting

There are many reasons why text messaging has become popular nowadays, especially among teenagers. Text messaging has definitely made our life easier and is convenient than calling when you are in a meeting. No introductions needed when writing text messages, simply send a message in just a few words.

1. Easily send and receive personal texts

Text messaging allows people to send messages when they are not in an appropriate place to make a phone call, for instance if you are at the workplace and you want to remind your date that your will pick him or her later. Simply send the message and your prying co-workers will not realize anything. Once you learn to send one-liners it becomes easy to communicate.

2. Cost saving

The most important benefit of them all is that texting saves you money. In fact, most people nowadays never use their home phones because cell headsets are more convenient. You can pay for unlimited texting every month and enjoy sending endless texts to friends and family.

3. Time saver

Messaging is a great way to convey the message if you are not in a position to engage in a conversation. Therefore, a simple ‘’will talk later” or ‘’am on the way” gets your message across succinctly and quickly. Since you have a small amount of space at your disposal when writing texts, make sure you use short words, as well as abbreviations.

4. Enjoy complete discretion

Texting is a discreet way of conveying personal information, especially if you in a position where it is inappropriate to answer your phone. Writing a short text at work is office etiquette since taking on your phone can be viewed as rude and inappropriate.

Apart from its many benefits, texting also has its share of disadvantages. For instance, students can send text messages in classroom instead of focusing on their studies.

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