Benefits Of Open Office

Benefits of Open Office

Open Office is one of the open source software available on the market nowadays. This office suite is actually written by many skilled and expert programmers who have a belief that software ought to be free. The Open Office suite provides quite a number of advantages to its users.

1. Easily accessible

The main benefit of open office is that it is easily accessible by any person since it is free. In fact, it is considered as a vital replacement for commercial software such as Microsoft Office. For people who do not currently have any office suite, then you ought to consider making use of Open office. Furthermore, you can edit and make necessary changes to the software to suit all your requirements. This is because there are not restricted by license codes that are going to lock your software down.

2. File compatibility

The other Open Office benefit is that it works well with other proprietary formats such as MS Office Doc format. This means that you can easily open MS Word files, edit and then save as MS Word files. It also supports saving files using most of the common formats like HTML, WordPerfect, Lotus 123 and XML formats among others. Furthermore, Open Office includes both Flash and PDF export capabilities.

3. Wide-ranging language support

The user interface of Open Office is now available in more than 40 languages. It provides hyphenation, thesaurus dictionaries and spelling in over 60 dialects and languages. Additionally, Open Office provides necessary support for RTL and CTL layout languages like Arabic, Hebrew and Hindi.

4. Allows for personal enhancements

Open Office gives users the opportunity to make their own enhancements. Actually, software fixes, release dates and other enhancements are all community-driven.

Nevertheless, Open Office has some speed issues when it comes to editing documents, especially when compared to the speed of Microsoft office.

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