Benefits Of Spiders

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Benefits of Spiders

Spiders, common household pests, are actually very useful to our gardens and homes. This is particularly true about the nonpoisonous and harmless variety. With some respect and understanding of spiders, it is even possible for people to live together in harmony with them. Some of the interesting benefits of spiders are explained below.

1. Pest control
Spiders aid in controlling the populations of other household pests such as grasshoppers, cockroaches, mosquitoes and aphids. Having some spiders in the house is thus important if you are in search of natural ways of dealing with your pest problems. The presence of spiders completely removes the necessity of buying expensive pesticides as the spiders will consume most of the unwanted pests in the house.

2. Useful venom
The venom got from spiders is currently being studied by scientists and it may help to treat arthritis. Actually, medical applications that involve the uses of spider silk and spider venom are increasing in number. Eventually, spider venom will also be used for treating certain heart ailments.

3. Culinary benefits
In certain areas of the world, big spiders are regarded like a delicacy and are eaten. For example, In Cambodia, the consumption of fried spiders is common amongst the local people. The intake of spiders in South America and Thailand is believed to offer the users good luck.

4. Prevent diseases

Through limiting the populations of other disease carrying pests, spiders significantly prevent the onset of several diseases. A good example is where spiders assist in lessening the spread of malaria disease through consuming large numbers of mosquitoes found inside the house.
While spiders normally prey on very small pests and insects, there are certain varieties like the brown recluse, yellow sac and black widow that ought to be avoided. If these kinds of spiders bite you, symptoms like chest pain, vomiting and abdominal pain will be experienced.

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