Benefits Of Shiv Puja

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Benefits of Shiv Puja

Puja entails showing respect to a spirit, a god, or another diving being through songs, rituals, prayers, and invocations. A Hindu devotee should strive to attain a spiritual realm with god through shiv puja. Most often, shiv puja is facilitated through a vessel, a print, a sculpture, an object and through a form of nature.

1. Removes obstacles
Hindu devotees perform shiv puja to help them remove obstacles in life. In addition to removing obstacles, puja also assists devotees in attaining peace and happiness by eliminating negative forces. It also removes troubles that hinder people from achieving abundance and prosperity. In fact, people now perform shiv puja as it is believed to attract positive vibrations that may come in handy when starting a new business.

2. Boosts overall health
Shiv puja also helps to enhance overall health and general wellness, particularly for those recovering from disease. In order enhance its effectiveness; Hindu followers have to include spiritual practices in their daily life. Some of practices include Silence, Fasting, Prayer, Mantra Japa, Charity or Meditation. These actions help us attain a spiritual realm and guide us in our endeavors.

3. Provides knowledge
Shiv puja is also a source of knowledge. For this reason, Hindu devotees recite the prayer and follow the practices mentioned above in order to gain wisdom and knowledge. Additionally, it bestows peace, long life, prosperity, wealth, immortality and satisfaction.

4. Beauty and marriage
Shukra denotes love, beauty, marriage, pleasure, fine arts, jewelry and so forth. Shiv puja should be recited regularly to keep evil spirits at bay. Hindu followers believe that Shiva puja provides protection against problems and obstacles, as well as warding off both spiritual and worldly debts.
For better leadership skills, it is essential to perform all the spiritual practices, including Fasting, charity, Mantra Japa, Meditation and so forth.

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