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Benefits Of Ivy

Benefits of Ivy

Ivy is a lovely ornamental plant that can help beautify your lawn, providing an aesthetic value to you garden walls, fences and trees. It has been there since the 16th century due to its aesthetic value and is commonly used to beautify homes. The sight is truly an amazing sight as the green ivy spreads on buildings.

1. Insulator

Ivy is an effective insulating layer that is commonly used to keep heat it, thereby reducing your heating bill (which is something you may have noted in old country houses). It is great habitat of wildlife and birds, providing accommodation for animals in your lawn.

2. Blends with the surrounding

Ivy is an effective method if blending or covering up an unattractive wall, especially when it covers the entire house. Evidence also shows that ivy may help keep walls in good condition but they are pruned frequently to prevent excessive growth and root penetration. Typically, pruning is done early spring or winter to prevent the leaves from blocking your view.

3. Boosts respiratory health

There are indications that ivy may help improve health of your respiratory tract. For instance, ivy is commonly used for dry cough in Germany, as well as in the treatment of common cold, dry cough, chronic respiratory disorders and so forth.

4. Antispasmodic effects

Ivy extracts are also used as topical treatments due to their antispasmodics properties. In addition, they help to alleviate itching and dermal infection, and have proven beneficial for weight loss. It was used traditionally to cure arthritis, skin parasites, scrofula, infections and burns.

5. Shelter bases of trellises and birdbaths

Ivy plants are used to expose focal points or centerpieces of gardens. On the other hand, they can help to shelter trellises or birdbaths. Whatever you decide to do with them, ivy plants certainly help to beautify your garden.

Despite having numerous benefits, many believe that ivy plant is responsible for skin disorders such as dermatitis and can even cause an allergic reaction.

Benefits Of Ivy

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